Product Review: Sorich Organics Sunflower Seeds

I have already spoken about the brand “Sorich Organics” (click the link to read the post) in my previous blog which will give you an introduction to the brand and its offerings. They sent over few of their organic superfoods  for me to give them out a try. So lets see, how they fare! Today the superfood put to the test is “Sorich Organics Sunflower Seeds”.


About the Plant:

Sunflower is a tall, erect, herbaceous annual plant belonging to the family of Asteraceae, in the genus, Helianthus. Its botanical name is Helianthus annuus.

In the farm fields, sunflower heads can be ready for harvesting once they turn brown and dry. In general, the seeds intended to use in confectionery are somewhat larger, sweet, and have striped hulls.

Types of Seeds: Oil-type sunflower seeds are characterized by small size, have more oil content, and feature black hulls. However, both types of seeds can be used for either purpose.

In the stores, one may choose whole-seeds, hulled, roasted, salted, etc., for use. Avoid thin, shriveled seeds or old stocks, as they tend to be out of flavor.

Storage: At home, store whole seeds at room temperature in a bin or jar. However, sunflower kernels should be placed inside an airtight container and stored in the refrigerator.

About Sorich Organic Sunflower Seeds:


Price: Rs.90

Quantity: 100gm (Available in 200gm, 400gm and 900gm)

Shelf Life: 18 months


The sunflower seeds come in airtight, resealable, recyclable paper bags. The package has the brand name and the superfood name on the front of the pack. On the other side of the package it provides information about the product, ingredients, information on how to use the product, Allergy information, Nutritional information, Certification marks, net weight, manufactured date and MRP. It also has the symbol indicating the products are vegetarian.



The seeds were crunchy and are a good snack option! The airtight package has definitely taken care of the product , thereby ensuring that the consumer gets value for money.

Benefits of Sunflower Seeds:

  • Sunflower seeds are often considered a healthy companion of your snacks as they prevent thyroid.
  • They also prove to be a powerful anti oxidant and a potent source of magnesium.
  • Sunflower seeds are powerhouse of antioxidants.
  • For heart health, sunflower seeds are excellent
  • Sunflower seeds majorly balance cholesterol.
  • Sunflowers are an exceptional source of vitamin E, which plays a very important role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. You can get over ninety percent of the daily value for vitamin E in only a quarter of a cup of sunflower seeds.
  • Sunflower seeds are particularly rich in magnesium, which, along with calcium is necessary for strong bones.
  • Sunflower seeds also contain tryptophan, an amino acid that helps produce serotonin, an important neurotransmitter.
  • Serotonin relieves tension, calms the brain and promotes relaxation.
  • The flour made from sunflower seeds is one of the richest source of Iron, hence beneficial in the treatment of anaemia.
  • vitamin E applied topically has been shown to prevent UV damage. A diet containing vitamin E-rich foods promotes this same protective effect.

How to consume Sunflower Seeds:

  • Sunflower seeds are known for being topping and sprinkler on food . They are more often consumed with breakfast and sprinkled on fruit smoothies.
  • Add sunflower seeds to your yoghurt, soup or salad.
  • Garnish mixed green salads with sunflower seeds.
  • Adding sunflower seeds to scrambled eggs will give them a unique taste and texture.
  • Use fine ground sunflower seeds to dust your meats with in place of flour.
  • Sprinkle sunflower seeds onto hot and cold cereals and desserts too.

For recipes using sunflower seeds visit


I have already got a bottle filled with roasted sunflower seeds and i love snacking on them. Yes, this definitely takes care of the unwanted snacks and ensures you stay healthy and lose weight too, by keeping a tab on your snacks!

Go grab your pack from

Hope this review helped!!!



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Go Organic , Stay Healthy!!! Brand Highlight: Sorich Organics



IMG_5675Gone are the days where staying healthy was easy, as pesticides usage on crops was limited. However the crops have a different story to tell us today. Honestly, I too , like many other people, have not bothered about organic and non-organic products, expect the fact that the price difference is quite striking to the eyes and on the wallet!! That’s one of the main reasons or say, the only reason, why many of us go for the regular non-organic products in the market. I wouldn’t deny the huge difference in prices of organic products. The other reason being mere lack of awareness about organic products and its benefits.

Today’s blog is about a brand -“Sorich Organics” which deals in organic products which they have rightly named as “superfoods” .

Sorich Organics has been kind to send over some of their products for me to give them a try and give my opinions about the products (hopefully, it also get rids of my reasoning for not purchasing organic products : which is the pinch on my pocket, of course!).  So, let me introduce you to the brand and its offerings, followed by my take on the brand.

About The Company Sorich Organics:

Sorich Organics is an ISO 9001:2008, HACCP and FSSAI certified company deals in natural, organic and in-conversion to organic products.

Claims by Sorich Organics:

“From the farms to your kitchen, we are committed to ensure that our herbs, spices, nuts, seeds and all other superfoods are grown naturally and processed without any preservative in an ethical and sustainable manner to deliver high quality & long-lasting shelf life seasonings, spice-mix and superfoods.

How we ensure that our range of herbs, spices and superfoods are the best in quality and tastes great?

We work directly with growers to offer natural, finest quality herbs and spices for all your needs and by sourcing the highest-quality Indian herbs and spices directly from the most efficient growers and farms. Sorich Organics make sure to experience the freshness, delicate aromas, flavors, and authenticity that contribute to the goodness of natural product. “

Products Offered by Sorich Organics:


  1. Gond Katira (English name Tragacanth gum)
  2. Halem Seeds
  3. Raw Hemp Seeds (Unhulled/Unshelled/Whole)
  4. Sunflower Seeds
  5. Pumpkin Seeds
  6. Quinoa
  7. Juniper Berry
  8. Cocoa Nibs
  9. Garcinia Combogia Fruit
  10. Chia seeds
  11. Poppy Seeds
  12. Flax Seeds

In addition to the above superfoods, they also offer a variety of seasonings:

  1. Rosemary Pure Herb Sprinkler
  2. Basil Pure Herb Seasoning
  3. Basil Herb Sprinkler
  4. Oregano Pure Herb Sprinkler
  5. Garlic Bread Seasoning Sprinkler
  6. Red Chilli Flakes Sprinkler
  7. Lemon Chilli Sprinkler
  8. Parsley Herb Sprinkler
  9. Italian Spice Sprinkler
  10. Ceylon Grounded Cinnamon

Packaging of the Products:

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Now , I love the way Amazon packs it products . The products are packed really well to ensure none of them come damaged. The box is sturdy and can withstand a little fight! So good job there amazon!

Each of the superfoods come in airtight, resealable, recyclable paper bags. Each product bag has the brand name and the superfood name on the front of the pack, and information about the product, ingredients, information on how to use the product, Allergy information, Nutritional information, Certification marks, net weight, manufactured date and MRP. It also has the symbol indicating the products are vegetarian.

The packaging itself gives a rich organic feel to the products, The fact that it comes in a resealable pack makes it more convenient to store the product and avoid jar hunts! Have a look at the way the packet of goodness comes to you!

The seasonings come in small bottles with a sprinkler cap and a flip top that helps you to have a control over the quantity of product as you use it (Have inserted pictures of one of the seasoning as shown on amazon, for your reference)


Quality Of the products:

Sorich Organics has lived up to its claims! The superfoods I received were fresh, they tasted good and none of them turned out to be spoilt . The seeds are quite crunchy and none of them had gone soft, which happens if the packets are not sealed well.


Sorich Organics Poppy Seeds

In short, Good quality, Good Packaging and Great Superfoods to add to your diet chart!!!

Pricing of the Products:

The price varies amongst products  (Rs.90 – Rs.150 ) for 100 gm of the product. The seasonings retail for Rs.109 each.

Quantity Available for Purchase:

The superfoods are available in 100gm, 200gm, 400gm and 900gm. The seasonings come in bottles (net weight isnt quite visible on the pictures on the websites).

Pros :

  • The packs are resealable and airtight.
  • The seeds are crunchy and fresh due to the aluminium foil lining on the interior of the packs.
  • The pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds  are a good to snack on.
  • The products are easily available online on Amazon.
  • The products are available in 100gm,200gm,400gm and 900gm packets, so you could go for the minimum quantity to give it a try.
  • Simple yet attractive packaging.
  • The packet gives a gist about the product and its usage.
  • Amazing range of seasonings!


  • Few of the packs had opened up at the sides and bottom. This could hinder the quality of the products (luckily for me, the product didnt go bad! ).
  • The price range is on the higher side (But organic products are expensive because of the quality! )
  • The website of the brand has information onnly about the brand and just 3 products. Definitely needs updating! As products can be purchased only via Amazon and they are already out of stock! Having an alternative way to purchase these products would be great.
  • Quantity of the seasonings are not mentioned on the websites.

A detailed review on the products I received along with their benefits and uses will be up in my following blogs and hopefully that makes it easier for you to decide which product you would love to include in your diet!

So in case you want to begin your journey with organic products, Sorich Organics is a good brand to start off with !!!

Good quality: both in terms of product and packaging! Lives upto its claims!

Hope this gives you enough information about the brand. Watch my blog for reviews on the products by Sorich Organics!!


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