Whats in my Shower?: Shower Essentials

I love my shower time and it’s the time I wind up for the day and I love to feel refreshed and relaxed and smell good before I start my day or hit the bed! I am sure all of you guys have your personal favorites and I would love to know what’s your favorite pick! Here are few of the essentials that one could possibly find in my bathroom cabinet.


  1. The Body Shop Loofah (Mrp :Rs.225)

This is my must-have in my shower essentials. The loofah is quite useful and handy in exfoliating the skin gently and getting rid of the dead cells and all the dirt and grime.

I would recommend drying the loofah out in the sun post usage as you don’t want your loofah to be a breeding ground for bacteria and always buy a loofah every 3-4 months if possible.


  • It is quite useful and helps in building up a good lather.
  • The quality is really good


  • Quite pricy for a loofah!
  1. Nivea Firangipani & Oil Shower Gel (Mrp: Rs.195, 200ml)

I love shower gels and shower creams from Nivea and I love any product that makes me smell good and leaves behind an amazing fragrance even in the bathroom.

Currently I am using this shower gel and I love the way it makes me feel refreshed and ready to start my day or even helps me unwind at the end of my hectic day.


  • The best part about the shower gel is that it doesn’t dry the skin. Now this may vary as per the climatic conditions in places. In a place where the humidity is high, this holds true. Whereas in Bangalore, where it’s quite cold and dry, no matter what shower gel or shower cream/soap I use, I have to use a heavy duty moisturiser post shower to moisturise my skin.
  • The product has an amazing fragrance that lingers on.
  • Good price for the amount of product (amazing deals on Nykaa at times)
  • I got a Free Loofah (this is awesome)
  • Sturdy packaging with a flip-top


  • Not travel Friendly (I have to tape it up! I had the Nivea shower crème earlier and that leaked)
  • Dries the skin in places where the weather is dry and cold.
  1. Paris Amour Shea &Vitamin E Shower Gel by Bath & Body Works (88ml)

This was gifted to me and hence I am not sure of the price of the product.I have already used this product to the last drop and I absolutely love the fragrance of the shower gel. The fragrance isn’t overpowering, it is subtle and light and creates an aura of romance.


  • The shower gel doesn’t dry the skin! It has shea and vitamin E which helps in keeping the skin moist and supple and healthy looking post a shower.
  • It is travel size and comes with a flip that doesn’t leak the product.
  • The bottle can be reused (you could pour your favourite shower gel into it and take it while you travel).
  • Amazing fragrance
  • Love the packaging


  • It’s quite expensive out in India (you can check it on Amazon, Flipkart etc.) and if you have someone abroad, you could probably get some good deals there
  1. Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion (Mrp: Rs.650 approx for 250ml)

I love body lotions which have a fragrance. However I decided to give this a go, as I have heard a lot about the product being good for sensitive skin. I got this as a free product during Nykaa’s Skincare Sale last year (I got a lot of free stuff during that sale which actually saved me a lot J).


  • It is one of the best body lotions for sensitive/dry skin
  • It keeps the skin moist for really long
  • It is fragrance-free
  • It is non-comedogenic (which means it doesn’t cause blocked pores, thereby you won’t have issues of blackheads/whiteheads/pimples)
  • It is non-greasy
  • Has a flip-top and a sturdy packaging


  • The packaging is quite simple and gives the feel of a medical product
  • No fragrance
  1. Bio-Oil (Mrp: Rs.450 for 60ml)

It’s been around 3 months since I’m using this product. The product can be applied on scars/stretch marks/uneven skin tone/ aging skin/dehydrated skin.

I have been using this on my stretch marks and I apply this only at night, although it’s mentioned that it needs to be applied twice a day. It is supposed to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks or uneven skin tone.


  • The oil is non-greasy and doesn’t irritate the skin
  • The visibility of the lighter stretch marks has reduced. Need to use the product for longer duration to know how effective it is on the remaining stretch marks (here, I am referring to pregnancy stretch marks)
  • It has a mild and calming fragrance
  • Travel friendly (I didn’t face any spillouts)
  • Transparent bottle which can give you an idea of how much product is left.


  • It doesn’t have a pump to pour out the product. So you need to be careful while squeezing the bottle as more product may spill out than what is required.
  • It is expensive , but worth every dime.
  1. Nivea Whitening Sensitive Deodorant (Mrp:Rs.199 for 150ml)

As I mentioned I love to smell good after every shower, this deodorant managed to make its way into my essentials. Now, I bought this product as suddenly there was a hype about the product. This made me wonder if it really works!!! The deodorant contains licorice extract which improves the skin tone of your underarms. Now this completely depends on your skincare routine and also on how your underarms have been throughout. Some people have an even skin tone on the underarms no matter what their skincare regime is , and some people will have an uneven skin tone no matter how much care you take of it.


  • I loved the fragrance which is mild and lasts me for a couple of hours at least
  • I have been using this deodorant regularly and it has improved the skin tone of my underarms from what it was earlier (Just a little, but yes, there has been an improvement)
  • It is good for sensitive skin, doesn’t irritate the skin
  • It has 0% alcohol
  • Love the packaging (A matte white bottle J )
  • It is reasonably priced and they are available on discounts at Nykaa


  • It leaves a white film on the skin, so be sure not to spray it out on your clothes

So yes!!! This brings me to the end of my shower essentials. This is just about the bath and body essentials. I also have the skincare essentials for my face which I have spoken about in my earlier blog. I shall share the link below so you can go check it out!

[ Face Skin Care Routine ]

Time to sign out!!!

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A treasure worth the hunt: Tea Treasure-More than just Tea!

Hello everybody!!!!

I hope you all had a great day today as I had an awesome productive day!!! It’s a day off and my kid has been taken out for his day out as well and I get time out to pen my thoughts while I sip on a cup of hot lemon tulsi green tea. Sounds interesting??? Let me tell you more about the relationship I have with my cup of tea- it helps me calm down, drives away my migraine and other petty worries in a jiffy and helps me relax and unwind. Now, I have always had the normal tea that I make at home and at times the tea served at the hotel would leave me with questions- how do they make such amazing teas, hmm…what do they add to their tea….etc etc. My hunt for these answers stopped as I browsed on Instagram at Tea Treasure. They had an amazing variety of teas and yes! They also had the kadak chai masala and premium chai masala.  So I got a few of these amazing teas from their collection and I will definitely give a review on those in my next blog.

What I got from Tea Treasure:


  1. Immunity Booster Tea (For the days when I’m ill)                                  [Rs.220 for 50gm]
  2. Slimming Tea (Fitness +some slimming tea wont hurt J )                    [Rs.220 for 50gm]
  3. Sweet Dreams (when I need to relax my mind and get a good nights sleep)                                                                                                                                                          [Rs.260 for 50gm]
  4. Kadak Chai Masala for perfect Masala Chai (love it !)                              [Rs.172 for 50gm]
  5. Premium Chai Masala For Perfect Masala Chai ( when I want to indulge! )                                                                                                                                                             [Rs.172 for 50gm]

They also dropped in 2gm samples of Premium Indian Chai, Lemon Tulsi Green Tea and Minty Fusion which also came with the 2 tea filters which can be refilled and reused!!!

I know you would love to know more about this company and get yourself some treats as well, so let me not bore you with my love for tea and instead tell you more about Tea Treasure.

About Tea Treasure:

Tea Treasure is an Indian based company which caters to a gap in specialty tea market in India today. They specialize in producing and sourcing high quality, specialty and day to day teas and create unique tea blends in-house.

The team at Tea Treasure consists of tea connoisseurs, tasters, who have brilliantly managed to introduce healthy teas into daily routines for tea enthusiasts who are game to experiment. They are a young brand that intends to revolutionize the way chai has been perceived, supplied and savored in the Indian market so far.

Tea Treasure procures their teas seasonally direct from the tea-gardens to ensure consistent quality, fresh and full of flavour so that their customers, the farmers, as well as the skilled tea pickers get a fair deal. The best part being, there is no middle man, no long-standing stockroom storage and no waiting around for the third-party blender.

Their range of premium herbal infusions are created with a team of certified herbalist from India and the USA’s top herb expert. They source the world’s finest organic herbs from different countries to create these original infusions which deliver a fantastic, full-flavored taste. They are all naturally caffeine-free.

Teas Offered:

The teas are divided into six categories from which you could choose your personal favourite green tea or wellness tea.

1.Green Tea

2.Black Tea

3.Wellness Tea


5.Darjeeling Second Flush

6.Ice Tea

Other Products Offered:

Now Along with teas, they also have amazing gift sets which you could gift a friend or relative who is a tea lover (so now you have an idea that tea can be gifted too!!). And if you would love to purchase some mugs/infusers/filters/tea plunger/loose tea leaf pot, head right to their Teaware Section and indulge!

A section that caught my attention is Tea Dollops (Green tea/black tea/ wellness tea/specialty tea) which come under the section Handcrafted. Now these are amazing gifting ideas as well. There are tea bags that are packed in a bottle.

You could also place bulk orders with Tea Treasure for gifts for corporate events/ parties or maybe even your stock of tea for your restaurant.

Packaging :

Now I would like to talk about the packaging as it really makes a difference to me at least and few details caught my eye.

The packaging is extremely elegant and has these statements on them which make them adorable. For eg.,: The Lemon Tulsi Green Tea sachet says “Don’t Hate, Meditate J . The teas I received came in paper bags which can be resealed and that way your tea leaves remain fresh. The packaging gives you a gist about the tea, its ingredients and directions on how to brew your cup of tea.

My Take on the brand :

I have tried the Lemon Tulsi Green Tea, the premium chai masala and the kadak chai masala and I must say I love them. I never liked green teas as they taste bitter and somehow it never went well with me. But the Lemon Tulsi Green Tea has changed my thoughts about green tea. Green tea can taste good too without making your face frown!! So read more about these three in my next blog.

The best part about the teas is that they are caffeine free!!!

So yes, Tea Treasure is being associated with good times, relaxing, and overall well-being which are the base attributes of their products and yes, they haven’t failed at it!!!

Stalk them here to know more:

WebPage: www.teatreasure.in

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teatreasure.in/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loveteatreasure/

You can also purchase their teas from Amazon (click to go directly to the page)

Thank you Tea Treasure for creating these quirky yet amazing teas for tea lovers like me. Will definitely be trying out the various teas and many more from you guys!



Face SkinCare Regime : Day & Night Regimes with Mini Reviews of Products

Hey Guys!!!

Bangalore has a cold weather all throughout, no matter what time of the year it is.  This makes the skin go dry, itchy and cracked up, which makes it mandatory to own thick creams/body lotions/lipbalms etc.to take care of these issues.

I have been trying a lot of products over the months and i have a routine set for the day and night for my face skincare. So today I’m going to share my day and night routine which I follow regularly for my face skincare. Also, I shall share the products i use in Bangalore which has a cold and dry weather as well as the ones I use in my hometown-Mangalore, which has a humid weather. So let’s get started!



I have been using the following products on my face for more than 2 months now and the whole routine has worked well for me. Yes! It requires a little bit of patience and little of your precious time which at times gets wasted doing nothing. So, nothing comes easy!!! Good skin requires good care and good products.

  1. Cleansing : Kama Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser (Rs.374 for 50ml)

This cleanser is really mild on the skin and the fragrance reminds me of rose water and multani mitti J . The best part is there isn’t much of a fragrance of jasmine in the product which is a plus point for me, as the strong scent of jasmine at times starts off a migraine in my caseL. I prefer my face cleansers to have a mild and soothing fragrance. Also, the fragrance isn’t very feminine and this makes it easier to be used even by men.

  1. Toning: Votre Botanical Toning Mist (Rs.800 for 100ml)

I have loved the toners of Votre. There are 2 ways to use the product: either you spray the product over the open pores and allow it to dry or you spray the product onto a cotton round and dab it over the open pores and neck area. The toner doesn’t dry out the skin, comes with a pump and has some amazing ingredients.

  1. Sunscreen:Organic Harvest Sunscreen for Oily Skin SPF30 (Rs.545 for 50gm)

I have a combination skin and in humid weather my skin becomes a little oilier compared to that in dry weather. I apply a sunscreen if I am heading out. Ideally, one needs to apply a sunscreen irrespective of whether you head out or stay at home, but I avoid this step if I am at home. When i use this product, i take a little of the sunscreen and mix it with my moisturiser and apply it on my face. This applies to my arms and feet as well (mix it with your body lotion). The product comes in a bottle with a pump. It doesn’t leave behind white patches on the skin, and is in liquid form not a thick cream. It isn’t thick on the skin and in fact has a cooling effect.

  1. Pre-Moisturizing: The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil (Received a sample of 7ml, Rs.3095 for 30ml)

I was a bit skeptical on using a facial oil on my skin, as i have sensitive skin and it could lead to breakouts and rashes. But then since it was a product from The Body Shop and i have never had issues on my skin while using their products, hence I decided to give this a try. After toning my skin, i take 3 drops of the oil and pat it onto my skin (it has a filler) and then lightly spread it over my face and neck. I don’t use it if i am using a sunscreen. The oil has a lightweight and quickly absorbing texture which leaves a non-sticky finish, melting onto the skin, leaving it silky and soft. The skin appears smoother, more radiant, revived, revitalized and nourished as claimed by The Body Shop.

  1. Moisturizing: Kaya Skin Clinic purifying Nourisher Hypoallergenic Acne Free (Rs. For 50ml)

I use this cream on my face post toning or I mix sunscreen in this and apply it to my face. The cream isn’t thick but is in semi-liquid form and is really light and cooling on the skin. It is enriched with Aloe which leaves the skin hydrated. It is perfume free and comes in an attractive glass bottle with a pump.

Olay Classic Beauty Fluid (Normal/Combination skin, 200ml )

This moisturiser is moderately thick  yet non-greasy and quite suitable for Bangalore weather. During the day, i apply this on my face if  my skin feels dry or itchy and massage it on my face and neck.The fragrance is mild and pleasant and i just love the fragrance. This cream was bought from Saudi Arabia, so i don’t know the cost of the product

      6. Lip Care:  Organic Harvest lip Balm Pomegranate (Rs.199 )

A rich, natural moisturizing lip balm made with hydrating lanolin and natural wax, it helps in retaining water and moisturises the lips. I have loved organic harvest products as they really do what they say.  There are very few brands that fit your budget and work wonders and Organic Harvest is one of them. I like the packaging as it looks like EOS lip balms. The lip balm moisturises really well and i like the subtle flavour as well.



  1. Cleansing: Natio Deep Cleansing Face Brush (Rs.3000)

 I use 2 pumps of the Kama Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser on my face. I apply it evenly over my face and neck, post which i use the Natio Deep Cleansing Face Brush (Normal speed) to clean my face for a minute.

Now, let me be honest: I didn’t believe in investing in a face brush to clean my face, i thought my palms were enough to do the job and all these gadgets are just a hype. Now, Nykaa came up with an amazing deal last year on Natio products where one would get this brush free on purchase of a minimum amount of products from Natio. Thats how i got this device and i absolutely love the way its changed my skin.

Now this brush gently exfoliates the skin, immediately getting rid of any makeup remains and dead skin cells and unclogs the pores. I have been using this for more than 3 months now and it has made a difference to my skin. Cant stop loving it!

  1. Toning: I use the Votre Botanical Toning Mist for toning my skin.   

      3. Moisturising: I use these two on my face :

            i)The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil

            ii)The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream (Rs.2095 for 50ml)

Post the serum, I take a little of this gel cream, warm it up between my index fingers and then jus dab it all over my face and massage gently. It makes the skin feel fresh, hydrated and supple. I have used this for more than two months now (only at night) and I love it. It’s amazing!!!  It has an amazing fragrance that gives a spa like experience to your face. It comes in a glass bottle that makes it tough to carry, as I want to take this with me wherever I goL. The gel cream is non greasy and suits all skin types for sure. I wish it came in a bottle with a pump. It is light on the skin and is simply an amazing product to use.

  1. Under-Eye Care: Clinique All About Eyes Rich (Rs.2850 for 15ml)

The cream is non greasy and is a luxury product. It is expensive but it’s worth every dime and it has lasted me for more than 2 months! I love the packaging of Clinique as well. I take a little of the product and warm it up between my index fingers and dab it under my eyes. Now this product needs to be used regularly to see even minute difference in the area. I have used it for more than two months now and overtime, the dark circles minimizes and yes the puffiness reduces too. I have used this product only at night and in case I have puffy eyes in the morning I apply the product. We all must know that proper sleep is also necessary to reduce the dark circles. So a combination of both these will definitely help.

  1. Lip Care: Neutrogena Lip Balm (Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturiser SPF15 (Rs.149 for 15gm)

Lips tend to be ignored by use most of the time and it’s only when they get cracked up or chapped that we remember to take care of them. I use this lip balm anytime during the day and it works wonders on chapped lips and heals them in a day or two. It also has SPF15 which makes it good to use this under your lipstick during the day as well. The packaging is pretty classic.

The cotton rounds that I use either for toning my skin or removing make up are the ones from Bella. I like them as they are thick and easy to use instead of pulling cotton from the cotton roll. They retail for Rs.109 for 80 pieces and the other variant has aloevera in it which retails for Rs.129 for 100 pieces. They are made with 100% pure cotton and you could even use this for baby skincare and other needs as well. You could get them on a discount at times on the online shopping store for skincare and beauty -Nykaa.

GoandSay Box :India’s first natural bath and body Subscription Box: The latest Subscription box that is turning heads


This box has come up with the unique concept of being Ingredient Conscious. I am sure most of us tend to ignore these minute details on products, but yes it is a must to go through and understand what goes on your skin. GoandSay’s moto is to help people discover brands and products and learn more about the ingredients and how they are beneficial.

The box retails at Rs.749/- If you are interested in purchasing this box, head to GoandSay, while subscribing, use my code: sonali and avail Rs.100 off on the February box. So go grab your box now!!!!

Coming back to the box, it consists of 4 natural, cruelty free bath and body products which have minimal or no chemicals in them.

What makes GoandSayBox Unique:

  1. Open the box to discover two new brands every month.
  2. The box has full/monthly size products which is amazing as you can use the product and decide if you wish to purchase the products in future.
  3. Every month, discover and learn about 4 products  from 2 brands (2 products from a brand each).
  4. The box is curated pertaining to your needs. Party season? Festivals? Sweaty Summers? GoandSayBox  will have you covered !!
  5. The box helps you to discover and learn more about the brand, the products and the ingredients and leaves no room for confusion.
  6. You could also gift a GoandSayBox to a friend, your mother, your sister and the team will add in some personal touches, exactly how they’ll like it. I think this is an awesome idea.

What’s in the February GoandSayBox:

  1. Fuschia Peppermint Pedicare Nourishing Foot Cream ( Rs.450 for 100gm),
  2. Fuschia Strawberry Passion Natural Handmade Lip Balm (Rs.225 for 8gm),
  3. BioBloom Face mist Jasmine (Rs.250 for 50ml),
  4. BioBloom Hand and Body Lotion Lavender (Rs.350 for 100ml),
  5. A sleep mask as a gift which is worth Rs.299,
  6. A 15% off gift voucher on BioBloom purchases made on the website of BioBloom.

Also, if you are lucky enough, GoandSayBox is giving out a Rs.100 off discount voucher to every 10th customer who purchases the subscription box, which can be redeemed on your next purchase!! That’s a very sweet gesture from team of GoandSayBox.

My Take on the Box:

      I love the box for the following reasons:

  1. I loved the packaging of the box. It’s quite a simple brown box but when you open it, open up the butter paper to find the products on a nest of purple coloured paper worms (yea J that’s what I call them).
  2. I get 4 products which are ether full size or monthly size which will help me in testing the product and enable me to review the brand and product better.
  3. The box has a unique concept of all natural products and pertaining to bath and body. There are a lot of subscription boxes in the market which offer a mix of skincare, makeup and jewellery, etc. But this is one of a kind!
  4. The box provides a “MeetYourWarrior” card which gives information as to why they have chosen the particular brand and also gives details about the products in the box and the ingredients and how they help the skin.
  5. The “MeetYourWarrior” card also has a “Report Card” on the last page where you could write about the products you liked/disliked, rate the products and give your feedback as well. A picture of this card can be then sent to the team and the needful will be done by the team. This is the first time I have come across such a concept.
  6. I get to try brands which offer organic, natural, handmade, eco friendly and not tested on animals. Most of the products will also be free from SLS, paraben and mineral oils.
  7. The February box has given me products worth Rs.1200 approx for a price of just Rs.745 which is really awesome.
  8. The brands BioBloom and FuschiaVKare are brands that i have heard a lot of good reviews about and I am excited to try them out J .

So, if you are into skincare and have a love for natural, organic products, this is a box that you should definitely get your hands on. If you are a make-up junkie too, you need few awesome products to take care of all that your skin is going through, so go grab this box  . Looking forward to see what’s in the March GoandSayBox !

Stalk them here:

Website      : www.goandsay.com

Instagram  :@goandsaybox

Facebook    : https://www.facebook.com/goandsaybox

Twitter        :@goandsaybox

Hope you liked reading my review on the GoandSay Subscription box!!! Leave your comments  as well 🙂