Foodie’s Paradise-Onesta, Indiranagar,Bangalore

I first heard, in fact read the name of this restaurant on twitter and it really didn’t register in my mind. I am a twitter addict, all thanks to the contests held on these social media platforms and that’s how my eyes fell upon this restaurant.

Choosing a restaurant is a task when you have an 8 month old toddler. However, we decided to head to Onesta for our Sunday lunch. We were unable to get through the contact number to reserve a table, yet we took a chance and we were lucky indeed and got ourselves a table for three.

The restaurant is located on CMH Road, Indiranagar; the best way to locate this restaurant is go to People brand store located on the road and the rooftop in the same building is where the restaurant is situated. It is open throughout the week from 12:30pm – 10:30pm. The ambiance is pretty good and yea, all the sports lovers will not miss their sports show as well.

As you enter the place, on the left, you could let your eyes feast on a variety of desserts (a variety of tarts, mousses and éclairs!!!! The restaurant is known for its pizzas and I must say they have an awesome variety of pizzas in both the vegetarian and non vegetarian section. They also serve lasagna, short eats (fries/bruschetta), Starters (fish fingers/crispy chicken in barbeque sauce) ..And yeah! You could also give their breads a try-chocolate teddy buns, chocolate custard roll… they sound interesting and delicious.  They serve a variety of cool and warm beverages as well to quench your thirst ( I personally prefer either a green apple cooler or a Cappuccino.. it’s a safe bet in any restaurant  :p)

The restaurant has 2 options:

  1. Unlimited Food (Rs.350 – unlimited 6 inch pizzas unlimited desserts 1 mocktail – veg  and Rs.450 approx for the non veg pizzas)
  2. A-La-carte Option ;  and we opted for the latter as we two really couldn’t go in for the unlimited food option.

My take on the Restaurant:


  • The Restaurant is quite clean and neat .
  • The ambiance is quite pleasant with the restaurant being on the rooftop, lit up with lights in mason jars, wooden furniture and planters.
  • Their concept of unlimited food is really good, and suits almost every individual: be it a student or a professional , as it gives us an opportunity to treat our tastebuds to a variety of pizzas and desserts!
  • The pizzas are bite sized and worth the price!
  • They have a lot of variety on the menu and decision making gets tough J
  • Good service provided by the staff
  • Sports lovers can get their share of sports here too!
  • Valet parking is available
  • Prices suit any pocket!
  • And yes: A hand Sanitiser is available on every table -Thumbs Up Guys!


  • Unable to get through the number to reserve a table
  • Crowded at all times
  • In desserts only the tarts are takeaways and since many of the desserts are in glasses, they have to be consumed at the restaurant itself.

My Take on the Food:

The restaurant is known for its pizzas and they can take quite some time to arrive and till then, one can take a few bites of the bread and garlic dip served. I loved the dip !

Our order consisted of the following items:

Potato Wedges (Rs.90)

Roast Chicken Pizza (Rs.139, 4pcs, thin crust)

Chicken Stuffed Crust Margherita Pizza (Rs.169, 4pcs)

Green Apple Cooler (Rs.120)

So our total bill came up to Rs.623, on inclusion of service tax and VAT.

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I loved the potato wedges and the quantity was pretty good.  They were well cooked and delicious. My toddler loved them too.

I loved both the pizzas but the Chicken Stuffed Crust Margherita was my favorite as the stuffing really was amazing and quite filling. The Roast Chicken Pizza barely had pieces of chicken on it and was not what i had expected.

The Green Apple cooler which is a mix of green apple essence, sprite and lime was refreshing, and we are not into fizz drinks, so this tall boy was enough for two of us.

Overall I loved the restaurant and the food and would love visiting it again and give the other items on the menu a try.The unlimited pizzas and desserts is really a good offer by the restaurant and draws most of the college crowd !

For updates you could follow them on:

Twitter: @onestablr

Facebook: , or

visit their website:

You could also get more information on Onesta and have a quick look at their menu here :

My Rating:

Ambiance: 4.5/5

Cleanliness: 4.5/5

Food (taste/presentation): 4.5/5

service: 4.5/5

Reservations are recommended during the weekends!



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Enjoy exotic cuisines every day: Review on

Cooking up a lunch gets tough when you have a toddler all over you and all over the place, and it is on those days that you just want to relax and enjoy a meal, the food delivery apps really come handy. I was a frequent user of a particular food delivery service. However on a particular day, it didn’t work no matter what I tried, and I had look for alternatives. I had heard about FreshMenu earlier but had never tried it out. So I decided to try it out.

I ordered different items on different days and I loved many of their food items. So let me give you my views on the and the food it delivers.

My Take on  They really have an interesting story to tell and that really grabs my attention as they have really got into the shoes of a foodie who loves trying interesting food rather than the usual home food or the regular options available at any restaurant. They have a daily changing menu and they cater to the tastebuds of a Foodoholic like me!  They ensure the food bursts of freshness and exquisite ingredients. Their menus are indeed drool worthy. They serve in four cities currently: Bangalore, Mumbai (select locations), Gurgaon and New Delhi (Saket and neighbouring areas).

They serve mains, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, combos and desserts. The desserts section does have few interesting items sometimes like Kiwis from china, golden cantaloupes, pineapple rings and also has cereal bars.

One can order Salads, Soups, Sandwiches and desserts, at anytime between 9:30 am and 10:30 pm.

Lunch Delivery Timings: 12 pm to 3 pm

Dinner Delivery Timings: 7 pm to 10:30 pm

So make sure you get your hands on the amazing food before their clock stops ticking!

The menu keeps changing every day and that makes it even more interesting. Even if I don’t have to order food any day, I still end up checking their menu just to have a look at the food items offered for the day.

Fresh Menu claims that all the ingredients used by them undergo a quality check process that ensures a top-notch meal. Their food is the freshest as they source halal certified meats, farm fresh fruits and vegetables, directly from the local supplier. All their meals are free from preservatives or additives such as MSG.


  • The website is quite easy to access and use. One can make use of the online version or the app and food can be ordered anywhere anytime.
  • The delivery time for any order is 45 minutes and I have received my orders on time or before time. Pretty good delivery service.
  • No delivery charges are applicable on an order.
  • The order can be of the minimum amount and still it will be delivered to you at no extra cost. So if its just  a dessert that you’re craving for, go ahead and place your order!!
  • You can pay for your order using the online mode(Credit card/debit card/ netbanking), wallets (Paytm, PayUMoney,MobiKwik, Freecharge) or opt for Cash on Delivery.
  • You can also choose to get your order delivered right now ( in 45 minutes ) or at any time later  ( you can choose the time from the dropbox)


  • They just serve in four cities!

My Take on the Food:

With a daily changing menu,every day just gets interesting for a foodie. I have ordered from FreshMenu 4-5 times and this is my view on some of the food items that has got rid of my hunger pangs on those days.

  1. Pulled Roast Chicken Sandwich (Non-Veg, Rs.150)


The 6 inch sub comes well packed in butter paper and a box and is quite fresh. They also mention if its veg or non-veg and the period within which it should be consumed. It was my first try with FreshMenu and I was lucky to find this sandwich on their menu that day. Roast chicken is always a safe bet. It can never go wrong anytime. And as always, it was awesome.

The gourmet bread sandwich is loaded with roasted chicken, cucumbers,tomatoes, and cheese and sauce . I don’t quite recollect if it had gherkins. But it was amazingly delicious.

  1. Coriander-lime Grilled Chicken (Non-Veg , Continental , Rs.250)


The rice and the chicken gravy come in separate containers which is good as it doesn’t get messed up. The food is bland and those who love spice wouldn’t like this food. The rice was good. The chicken gravy had the hint of lime and coriander, but it could have been better. I guess it just went cold by the time it reached my place and I didn’t really enjoy this dish as I much as I enjoyed the Roast Chicken Sandwich.

  1. Achari Chicken Sandwich (Non-Veg, Rs.150)


Well I opted for this sandwich on a day just because I assumed it would be a good one.But I was disappointed with this sandwich. The sandwhich is loaded with achari chicken , lettuce, cucumbers. However I felt the chicken was cold and I love my chicken cooked/grilled really well . I would have liked it if the chicken was grilled well with all the flavors. Not quite happy with this sandwich.

  1. Jerk Chicken Sandwich (Non-Veg, Continental, Rs.150)               


After the Roast Chicken Sandwich, this is a favourite. Loved the blast of flavors and the perfectly cooked chicken .It comes loaded with chicken , carrots, cucmbers, parsley and is delicious. Worth the money!

  1. Salted Caramel Pot De Crème (Contains Egg, Rs.120)


Well I’m a person who’s into anything that has dark chocolate in it and not very fond of salted caramel. I had ordered Chocolate Souffle Jar (Rs.150) and I was given this jar since the soufflé was not available.  I really didn’t want to eat this but I had no choice , so I decided to give it a taste in the evening, and I must say I was surprised. I loved this jar of salted caramel crème. The bottle had a layer of salted caramel and peanuts at the base and the top and had a layer of crème in between and it was a delight to the tastebuds. The texture was so rich and creamy and amazingly delicious. The best part about this dessert is that the sweetness was just right. I loved it so much that I was ready to finish off the entire jar, but decided to have it in small bites (quite a lot of calories). But yes , if you don’t like salted caramel , please go ahead and get ur hands on this pot whenever its on the menu!

  1. Lemon Tart (Contains egg, Rs.50)


The tart is humongous! I expected a small tart but what came in took be aback. The pastry reminds me of shrewsbury biscuits and the sweetness of the pastry is just perfect. The lemon filling is quite tangy and should be as well. It goes well with the pastry. On its own its really tough to finish of the filling.

  1. Double Dark Coco Delight (Rs.160 )

Sadly, i do not have the pictures of these desserts, but anytime in future i happen to come across this combo on their menu, you’ll have the picture of it for sure!

This Combo consisted of A Dark chocolate walnut brownie and a Rum & Raisin Dark Chocolate Tart( I hope I’m not wrong). Both were absolutely delicious and both the desserts are eggless. I loved the walnut brownie over the rum and raisin, as the cake,walnut and dark chocolate crème was a better choice in terms of taste. The brownie was simply delicious .The rum and raisin tart had strong flavors of rum and raisins but couldn’t beat the brownie!

Overall , I love this Food Delivery service for maintaining what it says. It  does make meals interesting everyday and would make a person at least go through their menu on a regular basis. And yes, its Dassehra and their dessert  to celebrate the festival is the Mango, Cherry & Almond packed Amrakhand in a jar.

The Portions are enough for one adult. So you could go in for the combo meals in case you order for two people. And yes! You get what you see!

You could visit and place your orders directly on  their website :

Follow them on :-


Twitter: @FreshMenuIndia

Instagram: FreshMenu [ they have a contest out here where you can post a picture of your order and the best picture gets featured on their website ! #fminstapic is the hashtag! time to hone your photography skills 🙂 ]

You can also order for their food items via zomato  !

My rating for FreshMenu:

Food (Taste, Quality &Quantity) : 4.5/5

Variety: 5/5

Delivery time: 5/5

Packaging: 5/5


Hope you find this helpful!