Nutrus Green Coffee Punch:                Lose weight, Not Overnight!

Hey Guys!!! Well for me it’s that time of the year, where I have to attend a lot of functions and its pretty important to get in shape and stay fit. I am into fitness and work out thrice a week which helps, and not to forget – my 8 month toddler who keeps me on my toes the whole day which completes my workout for the remaining days when I don’t hit the gym!

Anyways, you all would have heard about Green Tea and its benefits, but what about Green Coffee??  Well, this was a surprise for me as well as I’m pretty new to the term “Green Coffee” and couldn’t believe it until I got my hands on it all thanks to Influenzer- an Influencer Marketing Agency in India.

Influenzer sent me a sample of Nutrus Green Coffee and I decided to give it a try and let you guys know about it as well. So let’s get started with the coffee!!!

The Brand:  Nutrus:

Nutrus is a Healthcare division of Sanzyme Private Limited (since 1969) pioneered and launched products to meet the nutritional requirements of its consumers. With continuous research and new information from around the world on recommended nutrition intake, Nutrus introduces a wide range of neutraceuticals in the fields of General well-being, Immunity and more. Path-breaker of green tea segment, Nutrus brought in one of the best health drink, probiotic green tea and carried forward its innovation spree to bring out the world’s first of its kind product Green Coffee, only coffee with probiotics. As, Nutrus is committed to fulfill nutritional gap, we therefore forayed into the development of vitamin supplements and many other nutritional products.

Nutrus products are all health beneficial such as green tea with probiotics (useful bacteria), green coffee with chlorogenic acid and many more.

Advantages of Nutrus Products:

– Hassle free package.
– Void of tags & pins (100% safe)
– No wastage.
– 100% Economical & Convenient.

About the Product-Nutrus Green Coffee  Punch :


It is the only green coffee product with probiotics in India. It can be a new delectation and health conscious people can start using it today because it is usually claimed as a Natural Fat burner. The first variant introduced was the Nutrus Green Coffee. Coffee punch is the latest addition to their green coffee range.

A pack of Nutrus Green Coffee Punch:

  • Is an Instant coffee
  • It comes with 20 sachets of 2 gm each
  • It is priced at Rs.225
  • Expiry period : best before 24 months

Ingredients :  The main ingredients are Green coffee Extract and Probiotics (Bacillus Coagulans SNZ 1969).

Green Coffee has quite a few  Health Benefits: (Mentioned on the pack as well)

  • Rich Source of Antioxidants
  • Helps to Reduce Weight quickly
  • Modulates Glucose & Fat metabolism
  • Rich in chlorogenic acid
  • Very useful for fatty liver

I think for those who would be wondering about the benefits of this probiotic-Bacillus coagulans SNZ 1969 (as even i did) , i hope the following information helps you understand the benefits of this probiotic better:


Bacillus coagulans, SNZ 1969 from Sanzyme, is GRAS approved has been used safely as a probiotic for the last 45 years. A widely used, well documented, safe and stable spore forming bacteria that promotes gastrointestinal health.

Physical features:

  • High tolerance to Acid, Sugar and Salinity
  • High thermal stability
  • Good preservation in foods
  • Stability in formulations
  • Good dispersion
  • Does not require cold chain
  • Shelf stable for more than 2 years

Physiological benefits:

  • Survives gastric acid barrier & bile
  • Proliferation in intestine
  • Produces L+ lactic acid beneficial to the gut
  • Confers immunity, fights pathogens & supports a healthy gut.

Preparation of a cup of Nutrus Green Coffee Punch: (mentioned on the pack and the website as well)
(A 2gm sachet of Nutrus makes a typical 120ml of Coffee)

Take a stainless steel pot (non-reactive) and pour sufficient amount of water.
Heat it to 80° c and make sure water is not over heated or boiled.
Take water in a glass or in your favorite tea cup.
Open the sachet and add Nutrus green coffee powder into that water cup.
(Unlike others, Nutrus comes in powder form than in bag, which facilitates, no wastage and absolute 100% usage of product)
If you need, add some sugar or honey (recommended unsweetened)
Stir it until it dissolves and let it cool down for a moment.
Your perfect cup of Nutrus green coffee is ready.

Or  you can serve it chilled by dissolving powder in 120ml cold water.

My Take on the product:

I did make my cup of green coffee!!! And i must say the fragrance is that of a cup of Cappuccino! I just loved the fragrance. The best part of this coffee is I could drink it without adding sugar as it didn’t taste bitter. So Thumbs up guys!!! I love this product. The taste is mostly that of the probiotic and it isn’t bad. I kind of liked the taste. The powder is white in colour which makes it look like one of those protein powders! It dissolved immediately and I just did a mild stir to my beverage.

I like any of my beverages hot, so I didn’t go in for the cold version, but those of you who like your beverage cold could try it out that way.


  • The best part of this coffee is that it is an instant coffee and that makes it very convenient to use
  • The pack has sachets of coffee powder and not powder bags, which is a good way of avoiding wastage of product
  • Its travel friendly: i can always pop in the sachets and travel with it and not miss out on the routine.
  • The quality of ingredients used is pretty good
  • The coffee doesn’t taste bitter!!!


  • The pack has just 20 sachets. I would prefer a 30 sachet pack which would be good for a trial.

I would have to try this product for at least 3 months with a strict diet as well to understand if it aids in weight loss.

You can get more information on the brand as well as purchase the coffee here:

Follow them on twitter: @NutrusHealth

Follow them on facebook:

Hope this review was helpful to you guys and you can get your hands on this Nutrus Green Coffee Punch and #DrinkGreenCoffee !