Hey guys! I had won a giveaway in March 2016 and yes, I know I am very late in posting about this win, all thanks to my new born!!! But yeah, this has been on my mind and I decided to finally pen it down before I use all the products that I have purchased.

Firstly, Thank You for this awesome giveaway. I never win giveaways! But I was lucky this time and won the grand prize of Rs.2500 which was credited to my FleAffair account and I could use the credit to purchase items worth Rs.2500!!! How amazing is that!!!

About FleAffair: It’s an online shopping store, let’s say, an online flea market, for the small entrepreneurs to showcase their creations and to bring them in the global market. It has an array of products ranging from apparels, accessories, home decor, jewellery, body care, products related to religion and prayer, art, craft , products for kids and gourmet products.

Personally i was drawn to the body care section as i love skin care products, and since this was my first time on the site, i decided to stick on to my comfort zone. I am not sure about the other sections as I directly went to this zone and decided to purchase handmade soaps

So Yes! I did purchase 10 handmade soaps from a brand called “Gulnar” and i selected –

  1. Coconut,
  2. Orange,
  3. Vetiver,
  4. Lemongrass & Mint,
  5. Grapefruit lemon Peel,
  6. Cucumber & Aloevera,
  7. Coffee Vanilla,
  8. Rosemary & Tea Tree,
  9. Strawberry, and
  10. Lime & Bergamot.

And Yes I was surprised to find an additional bar of Orange Soap! (I guess it was a complimentary product by the company)

The weight of each soap is 150gms and each soap is priced at Rs.250. Each soap has a glycerine base which is quite good as it ensures the skin remains moisturized.

I have used the Orange and am currently using the strawberry soap. There isn’t any strong fragrance of oranges or strawberries, which I am ok with, and till now I haven’t faced dryness post usage of the soaps. But I still wish to try them all and then write more about the soaps.

So, maybe I would write a separate blog about the brand Gulnar and their products, once I am done with using all the soaps. J Let me know if this interests you and you would love to know about the brand and its products.

So getting back to FleAffair, the website is not very catchy, yet its simplicity makes access to various sections easy and they have a lot of varieties to choose from. You can register yourself as a customer or as a vendor.  Make sure to  go through the rules and policies in case you are interested in the  website as a vendor. Another interesting bit is that they deliver products world-wide in almost 200+ countries. Payments can be done via credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets like PayUMoney and Paytm, PayPal.

You can follow them on twitter for constant updates at @FleAffair .They are also on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

Once again Thank you team for this awesome gift!!!