Get Your first meal Free : BOX8- A food App

Hey everybody,

I know i have been out from this wide world of blogs, and its been a tough time pre and post my pregnancy to catch up on blogging, tweeting, contests, etc. I found a little spare time today and my eyes had fallen upon a leaflet of a food App that was offering the first meal free ( part discount and part cashback on the app). the weather was pretty dull and i was in no mood to cook a meal, although most of the stuff was ready.So i decided , why not try this out? So Lets get into the App.

Let me introduce you to BOX8 App.Its Online web version is which also offers home delivery services using the web service and yes! you get your first meal free when you make use of the online service for the first time (A code is provided for both the app and web) .



Now About Box8: They claim to be India’s fastest growing on-demand food delivery company.  Founded by IIT graduates, we have revolutionized the way Indian food is consumed. They are currently selling 1 Lakh products per month, and 30 more IIT junkies have joined the band. They have 60+ stores across Mumbai,Pune and Bengaluru. They claim to have superfast delivery and deliver till 1am.You can order on Box8App/Web or call 33552698.

The Menu is quite Appealing and suits the working class, college students and especially those who aren’t in the mood to cook on a particular day ( like the way i am today :p).

The menu consists of the traditional Biryani, Salads, Sandwiches, wraps , desserts and what catches my eye is the All-in-One Meal which consists of 2 curries, salad/chutney, a dessert and you could choose either Basmati rice or parathas or both where you pay Rs.20 extra if you choose rice(1/2)+paratha. Its quite an interesting offer wherein you get a whole meal at your doorstep .Have a look into their menu:



The App is quite user friendly where you need to register yourself first and get your mobile number verified . Post selection of mark your order (minimum Rs.300) on using the code you get a discount of Rs.150 and once the order is dispatched you get the Rs.150 cashback on your app. So this makes your first order free (you can see the cashback in my Box8 money).


They Also offer Happy Hours from 4pm-7pm where you buy 1 and get 1 free . this is valid on Supreme wraps, sandwiches and salads. You could use the code provided by them and make use of this offer.  Another offer is the Rs.50 off on a minimum order of Rs.250               (desserts and drinks are not included) and this is valid on the Box8App/Web only.

I ordered  two of the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and  yeah i ordered it at 12:58 pm. Box8 claimed to deliver the food in 38 minutes flat. So at 1:38 the doorbell rings, and i was quite surprised to find the delivery man with my order. I really hope this service continues, As after a while the delivery service of most of such places starts going down the quality line.

So the sandwiches come in individual boxes and are delivered in a recyclable bag imprinted with the App Logo. the bill is neatly stapled on the left corner of the bag (I have barely seen any place do this so well : Thumbs up to you guys!) Also the box has a paper with the order item name and the consumption time, which is also a plus point. Have a peek before I go into the details of the sandwich:


Coming to the sandwich: Grilled chicken Sandwich: It is described on the menu as smoky, char-grilled chicken with italian herbs and sauce.The bread used is multigrain, oven baked and submarine style. Now coming to my review on the sandwich -It is quite filling, loaded with chicken pieces and a lot of sauce with a hint of herbs. the  bread is multigrain and fresh and soft, i found sesame seeds and flax seeds on the bread. the sandwich had a lot of sauce though and it was dripping out of the sub.The chicken was to be char grilled , but i really didn’t find it upto the mark. There was a lot of sauce which overpowered the smoky flavor that i was looking for and it made the sub a little sweet and overpowered all the other flavours. All in All, a good meal if you want something really fast and hot  and fresh.

I am looking forward to trying the All in One meal, the biryani and salads and would then post a review again on the food.

A good start, A good meal that has filled my stomach today, so good job guys!

Looking forward to more tastings!