Lunch at Cafe Coffee Day Lounge

Hi guys!!

I know i have been away from the twitter world and blogging for quite sometime now. Its just that working on art and orders does take away all of my time currently. I have been thinking on writing few blogs on restaurants I visited recently, but just didn’t find the time to write! But today i decided that I need to write and that’s exactly what i am doing right now 😉

So , on Sunday my husband and myself decided to check out the Cafe Coffee Day Lounge located in Marthahalli, Bangalore. We have been to various Cafe Coffee Day outlets but never tried the Lounge. So we hopped in the Lounge around 1pm in the afternoon. The Menu, I must say, is quite interesting. After a lot of discussion, we settled down for the following:                         1. Kaapi Nirvana , for my husband    (price: Rs.155)                                                                                                                       2. Lemon Mojito, for myself               (price: Rs.143)                                                                                                                         3. Roast Chicken Sub                        (price: Rs.169)                                                                                                                               4. A Non Veg Platter                          (price: Rs.229)

You could have a look at the menu on Of course there could be a difference in the prices.

Coming to the food :

Kaapi nirvana gets a 5/5 !!! amazing cold coffee i have had !no wonder its earned the star!


Lemon Mojito  gets a 5/5 ! a very refreshing drink for the summer!!


Roast Chicken Sub  served with few crisps and a salsa. the salsa is pretty good !!! it gets a 4/5 it is tasty, yet can be better!


Non veg Platter had chicken lollipop, prawn pops,chicken momos and french fries!  and gets a 3/5 . Room for improvement team 🙂


All in All, a good meal for two…!

Total cost on our pocket: Rs.856 (the coffees are definitely worth it!!)