Amazing 30 minutes at BodyCraft  Sebastian  Professional Salon, Whitefield!

Hi guys!

Today I’d be sharing my haircut experience at the Bodycraft Sebastian Professional Salon located at Whitefield,Bangalore. This service was a prize of a contest i won on their twitter handle and i am excited to share the experience with you guys! I have been to a lot of salons for haircuts and skin services and yes, this is my first time at BodyCraft  Sebastian Professional Salon. I have read a lot of reviews on the salon  and I was given the opportunity by BodyCraft  to try out the Salon ! So lets begin with details on the Salon, shall we? 🙂


“Under the tutelage of Manjul Gupta, a protégé of the legendary Shehnaz Hussain and a beauty care professional of 26 years, Bodycraft has grown rapidly in terms of range of services as well as infrastructure since its inception in 1997.

Today, Bodycraft services over 40,000 satisfied clients across five avant-garde facilities spread over 40,000 square feet. With state of the art equipment and over 400 professionals trained by international experts from Wella, Sebastian, SP, Dermalogica, Ainhoa and EZFlow, our customers are in extremely capable hands. “

Vision: To be India’s most recalled destination for cutting-edge styling, hair and skin care solutions, and rejuvenation.


I am bad with locations and roads, so hubby dear takes me to the salon! J The Salon was quite easy to locate though!

Address: 32, ND Nath Armadale, Adjacent to Forum Value Mall
Whitefield Main Road, Bangalore – 560066

My experience:

I reached the salon a little before time and had to wait a couple of minutes before I was taken into the chamber where magic happens! (Of course, with scissors, shampoos, conditioners, blowdryers,etc . ;p ) I must say, I have this thing for clean salons, and Bodycraft didn’t disappoint a bit! I loved the way the salon has been created: white interiors, amazing!

I was taken to my stylist for the day: Mr.Raghu , who went through my hair, listened to what i had to say about my hair and how i wished it to be and then suggested a hair wash first with some conditioning. I am amazed with the products: the fragrance is so soothing yet takes over my senses: its true! I mean i shampoo twice-thrice a week, i try out many shampoos-both professional and normal ones, but  I don’t get that kind of fragrance from any of the shampoos i use! The effect was just as good too! So the first step had been done by the stylist and i was blown already (thats the secret to having a good customer for life : you just Wow them! ) .

The stylist ensured my lame hair would look better with layers which would give it the volume it doesn’t have. The haircut made my hair look good and made me feel good about it too. In all, a wonderful experience at the salon.  The services are a bit on the high end , but i would still recommend it. (Amazing experience, amazing products )

BodyCraft also has their club cards: the details are :

For more information on the services of BodyCraft , visit their site: wherein you could get detailson their skin care/ Styling /Spa services and the locations as well.

Thanks Priyanka for giving me this opportunity to make use of Bodycraft salon services under an amazing stylist Raghu!



Review: Lays MAXX Sizzling Barbeque Flavour

Hi Guys!!!

A few days back, as I was shopping for grocery, my eyes fell upon this awesome looking bag of chips! The new flavor from Lays- the Lays MAXX Sizzling Barbeque Flavour!!!! I must say, it was the packaging that caught my eyes first, and then the flavor 😉 . The bag of chips comes in this awesome looking black glossy bag with the flavor written in Gold!!! Now those are colours that really stand out and the flavor stands out even more and makes me grin and grab a bag and made me think “Why not try this out and review it?”  . So here we go!!!!

First look:


Now The Lays Maxx comes in Two “Maxxed” flavours:

  1. The LAYS MAXX Sizzling Barbeque Flavour (Which I found and purchased)
  2. The LAYS MAXX Macho Chilli Flavour ( which was nowhere to be seen! )

More Details about the Bag of Chips! The ingredients are shared through a picture of the same

Price: This bag is priced at Rs.30

N.Qty: 58gm ( I could only find this bag! No small bags on the shelves)


So, now let’s dig in!!! What say, guys??? I am super excited to try this out!

Here are the first pictures of the bag and the chips!!!!


My Take on the Flavour! :

The chips are not the regular LAYS s ”small waves” chips. These are slightly bigger wave chips!! The picture says it all I hope!  The flavor is exactly what the bag says: Sizzling Barbeque- It has a smoky flavour, a hint of sweetness  to it and yes I get the flavour of onions too! I guess all barbeque lovers would like this treat.

Fair enough!! The taste is exactly what you can read on this bag of chips! Thumbs up! Quite a good one for all those Barbeque evenings!!!

But yes, given a choice between flavours, I would close my eyes and pick the Lays Hot & Sweet Chilli. Its been a favorite and I never seem to find it on the shelves! (I guess its everybody else’s favorite too L )

Additional Research 🙂 :

I happened to look up the internet on this Flavour and what I got was a whole lot of information on the flavours of Lays in different countries!! In Belgium there’s a flavour called “ Cucumber and Goats” ???! Russia has Ham and Cheese!!! So many different flavors- like Lays MAXX, there’s also Lays Appetite flavor ,Lays Sticks flavor,Lays Strong!! OMG..I wish I could travel around and taste all the amazing flavors.

Wish to read more on your favourite bag of chips? Head to:

And yes ! I also found an amazing offer on the LAYS MAXX on

You get 4 bags of 58gms each  of LAYS MAXX (2 each of Sizzling Barbeque and Macho Chilli) for Rs.120 and yea when I checked it out today, you get it for Rs.116!! Cool Right??? Lays delivered at your doorstep!

Here is  the link if you guys wish to purchase your bags of LAYS MAXX:

And guess what: Free delivery!!!

So what are you guys waiting for … ? Go ahead and grab your bag of LAYS MAXX Sizzling Barbeque!!!