A review on KDD Harvest Juice!

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Its my first review ever!! Never thought about doing reviews earlier , but got some amazing products this year and thought they deserve a Review!

So My First Review Is on KDD Harvest Fruit Juices . KDD stands for The Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company. It is one of the leading producers of quality food products in the GCC countries.KDD made its foray into the Indian Market by successful launching its KDD Harvest Fruit Juices in 2012.

Now, KDD Harvest claims that its fruit juices not only quench ones thirst but also provides daily dose of vitamins and minerals. My review is based on  the 5 varieties of juices: Guava, Mango, guava, pineapple, mixed fruit and litchi that i have tasted.

For details on the company and products and other essentials  visit their website: http://www.kddc.co.in

The tetra packs are 200 ml each and many more flavours like apple,orange,pomegranate,cranberry are available.

The 200 ml packs are priced at Rs.20 each while the 1 litre pack comes at Rs.90.

The nutritional chart is as below which gives you a fair idea.

The juices are thick, rich and tasty, yet not very sweet!! thats like a BINGO! i also dont get the taste of preservatives when i sip the juice which is a bonus for me. all the flavours are quite yum! They are very light and i think the brand is doing justice to the products.

i had stopped buying packed fruit juices due to “health consciousness” but i  think i dont mind buying KDD Harvest Juices once in a while !

Their tagline on the box is perfect: God of Juices!

I find the product really worth buying . So guys if you want to buy fruit juices and are as fussy as me on food, i suggest this is the right one for you! heres the product  chart with their offerings:

Thanks KDD Harvest for  giving us this awesome product

Hmm.. Wish to try out the remaining flavours: orange, cranberry,pomegranate and apple very soon. 🙂

Psst… they have also launched their KDD Kitchen Secrets multipurpose cream for cooking: Malai Magic (200 ml costs Rs.45) ( I can blindly pick it up for sure).

Dinner for Two @ Raaga The Restaurant, IndiraNagar, Bangalore

Hi Guys!!

We are back to Monday and the blues that tag along!!! yet another long week! So, the word and sound of the word”Friday ” does bring a smile on our faces , right?? Thats what happens to me and my hubby too!!!

So this Sunday evening, i.e. yesterday night we decide to hop in to a restaurant names “Raaga, The Restaurant” which is on CMH road, indiranagar to enjoy a Meal for Two.:) [ I am happy and thrilled when i dont have to enter the kitchen !! ]

So let me get into the details on this restaurant. So here’s where you need to head to, to find this restaurant:

No. 3, CMH Road
Next to HDFC Bank

About the Restaurant:;

Raaga Restaurant presents the most refined and authentic North Indian food. The unique culinary essence of Raaga is it’s variety of dishes from Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine.

Keeping in mind the lack of time of the busy executives in the afternoon Raaga has introduced a lavish buffet with a welcome drink and starters served on the table. On Weekdays, the buffet is priced at Rs.295+tax and on Weekends, it is priced at Rs.345+tax .

Psst.. Valet parking is available here :))

We are greeted warmly as we enter the restaurant and we head upstairs to the first floor to the restaurant. I am not sure, but i guess the Buffet takes place on the ground floor. Not sure! Anybody been there, done that, do feel free to post your comments and update me in the process! 🙂 We cosy ourselves at the table by the window.

As we get our hands on the Menu Card, and post a bit of browsing through the items listed out, we zero in on a portion of Murg Biryani (Rs.220) and a portion of Pahadi Kabab (Rs.225) and Lassi (Rs.95, which we decide to share).

there are a variety of items from different cuisines that you could try out. Apart from North Indian Cuisine, they also have Chinese and Continental cuisines on their menu! So, there’s something for everybody !! The variety kind of fascinated me and i was eager to try out the continental cuisine (I somehow am drawn towards pastas :/); but we somehow settled down for the humble meal of biryani,kabab and lassi as we weren’t too hungry.

The food was served in about 20 minutes, post placing the order, which is pretty good! (I Am HAPPY)

Though we had asked for the Biryani and Kabab to come hand in hand, the Pahadi Kabab managed to reach us first, followed by the Lassi. When we were almost done with the kabab ,came in the Biryani!

So Anyways, to begin with the Pahadi Kabab, I guess there were about 7-8 pieces ! I found it well marinated with green masala, soft, well-cooked /grilled. It is served with Mint Chutney and i must say the chicken tastes really good if you dip it in the chutney and have a bite. About the restaurant, i must add, i love all their kababs. I have been here before and tried out quite a few of the kababs. I love grilled food! A thumbs up to Pahadi Kabab.[ It made me happy:) ]

My next take is on the Murg Biryani – The quantity is sufficient for one person, and since we weren’t quite hungry, the biryani could be shared between the two of us. The chicken in the biryani was not as soft as the kabab; it was a little rubbery, as in, you need to really chew on it, its not bad, but not as good as the Pahadi Kabab( i hope my point is conveyed… not sure :/ ). The Biryani was spicy ( no problem) but it lacked a bit of taste. No clue what it lacked.. may be a little more of seasoning.. It was served with Cucumber onion Raita and Some gravy[ which when i tasted had a taste of rasam pwder :0 , again not sure whether my tastebuds got that right.. its kind of wierd.. but i did get that Exact Taste: Rasam Powder Taste :0 ]. I love the Raita and together, they tasted pretty good.

Now comes my favourite: Lassi!!!! I love anything to do with yoghurt! Be it Lassi/Chaas/Smoothie/Raita etc. So the lassi had a cherry in it! I don like packaged fruits and especially the cherries so i just leave it alone and down my glass of lassi. Its Just perfect, not that you dont get better lassi’s elsewhere, but it gets a Thumbs Up from me!

Overall, in my view, the ambiance of the hotel is good, the food is good too but they can improve on the flavour and taste in the biryani and they could also improve on the cleanliness section ( especially the table linen: i dislike spotted table linen :/ )

So here’s what this Meal For Two Cost us:

The bill was for Rs.540 (excluding service tax and VAT) ; and after inclusion of these two, the bill goes up by 100 bucks , hiking it to Rs.645. Well, at least we don’t have Service Charges out here!! So i guess Rs.540 is decent enough for a meal for two.

For further details on the restaurant, you could check their website :http://www.raagarestaurant.in/ . It gives you details on the cuisines they offer, the buffet pricing and the PDF version of the Menu (prices are not mentioned)!

Hope this review helps you guys!!

Any feedback/comments are welcome!!!


Sonali 🙂