Meet the Art-i-Tecture Girl!!!!

Hi guys!

Welcome to My Blog !!

Friends, Relatives know me and address me as Sonali Mendonsa. Also Fondly known as “Mama” by my 2 year + old cute brat!

I love Painting, Playing The keyboard, Reading Novels, Blogging, I do get a  bit of poetic streak some times, love cooking, love trying out new food joints, passion for everything that looks and sounds “Art” , A Contest Freak (i can share my tips if you wish ;p ), Love to try out new brands- be it food, cosmetics, drinks.. just anything!!! love to shop and SAVE!!!! I have a post graduate degree in finance, worked for 4 years in the financial sector and  i am passionate about blogging and art.

I love writing, which is why  i decided to start my own blog, wherein I can share my thoughts and views with you all on make up, skincare,food products, food joints, places i visit, Things to do in places , etc. and yes… things which are unique of certain cities as in “Must Visit” “Must Eat” “Must Buy”.

I haven’t tried my hand at videos, but hope to work on those in the near future.

My page is also open to feedback and comments and room for improvement!!

I am honest in my opinions: if i don’t like a product, you definitely will know about it( with all my valid reasons )!

If you feel there is some product on which you need a review, do let me know. I’ll try my best to do it for you all!!!


You have one life which is Short; So Make it worth living!!! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Meet the Art-i-Tecture Girl!!!!

  1. Hi Sonali. I am writing to you about a book titled Myla:Insurrection by a Bangalore based writer, Arjun Rao. This s his debut novel. Would love to send you a copy for review. Please let me know the way forward. Thanks!


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